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Beyond the Brain is the world’s premier conference series exploring mind and consciousness beyond the physical brain. It has been running since 1996. Our speakers this year are all at the cutting edges of their fields. You will gain a vital overview and a deeper understanding of how consciousness research is expanding the horizons of science.

Speakers and chairs

Dr Eben Alexander IIIDr Jessica BocklerDr Bethany ButzerJessica CorneilleDr Peter FenwickDr Siegmar GerkenMitch HorowitzDr Yvonne KasonProf Jeffrey KripalProf Les LancasterDavid LorimerDr Jeffrey MishloveJudith QuinDr Steve TaylorDr Natasha Tassell-MatamuaDr Oliver RobinsonDr Helané WahbehBen GrossDr Lila MooreFiona HovsepianDr Paul Filmore

Speakers and Chairs

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Clips from past conferences

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 Rupert Sheldrake at Beyond the Brain 2019

Rupert Sheldrake at Beyond the Brain 2019

“Spiritual practices have been studied scientifically”

Oliver Robinson at Beyond the Brain 2018

Oliver Robinson at Beyond the Brain 2018

A sample of some featured themes and speakers

What people say about Beyond the Brain

Beyond the Brain just gets better every year. It offers a range of inspiring presentations by international speakers and opportunities for experiential sessions that are seldom found anywhere else.

I think Beyond the Brain and the work of the Scientific and Medical Network very important. Their tireless work to shift the boundaries defined by scientific materialism and find common ground between the material and non-material worlds has to be a keystone to a better understanding of the world and cosmos in which we all live.

I attend Beyond the Brain every year. It is a spiritual pilgrimage which I joyfully undertake to discover more about ‘who I am’. It is the only place I know of where I can meet up with so many spiritually curious, like-minded souls, all intent on exploring consciousness in an open ended but scientifically informed manner.

Quite frankly, this symposium served as an inspiration to me during what I consider to be ‘dark times’ in planetary consciousness. The speakers were excellent and the information quite likely vital if humanity is to survive the current challenges we now face as a collective species.

Wonderful opportunity to listen to inspiring people, learn about the latest experiments and hypotheses and discuss ideas on consciousness and psi phenomena with others.

This far exceeded my expectations and allowed me to interact with leading academics on the subject of Near-Death Experience and allied subjects.

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