About the Alef Trust

The Alef Trust is a supporter of Beyond the Brain

The Alef Trust is a global leader in transformative education in the areas of consciousness, and transpersonal, integral, and spiritual psychology. We provide university-accredited Masters and PhD Programmes, as well as Professional Certifications, and Open Learning Courses, all of which promote holistic psychological frameworks and perspectives, nurturing the development of human consciousness and culture. We also undertake research and provide consultancy and leadership for private and public sector organisations, building creative community projects and business engagements.

The Alef Trust is a non-profit social enterprise and at the heart of our work is a commitment to building transformative learning communities, supporting people to grow as change makers in their lives and their work. We recognise that these unprecedented times call for a deeper presence, uniting spiritual practice, academic learning and multi-disciplinary research with a profound sense of service in the world. We believe that we need to re-envision our ways of being, so that humanity may find greater peace and may thrive in harmony with Earth and her diverse ecosystems. Alongside our educational programmes we facilitate community programmes in service of diverse stakeholders working within the UK and internationally. One of our initiatives is the Conscious Community Project which supports members of our learning community to create and lead transformational projects in their localities, serving a range of critical causes – from education and wellbeing, to nature and sustainability. To find out more about these projects you can visit our digital multimedia magazine The Alef Field.

During the conference you will have the opportunity to meet us and learn more about our work in a short presentation on Sunday morning – please see the conference programme.

To find out more about us and our work you can also visit: www.aleftrust.org

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