Speakers and Chairs

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Photo of Bill Bengston with a reddish background

Bill Bengston

Photo of Jessica Bockler outside with a natural smile

Jessica Bockler

Photo of Dorothea Fuckert in front of a big tree trunk

Dorothea Fuckert

Les Lancaster

Photo of David Lorimer with a mountainous landscape in the background

David Lorimer

Grainne McAnallen

Photo of Iain McGilchrist in black and white with a serious facial expression

Iain McGilchrist

Photo of Pascal Michael speaking into a microphone on stage

Pascal Michael

Paul Mills

Photo of Michael Nahm with a picture on the wall behind him

Michael Nahm

Photo of Masayuki Ohkado with a gentle smile

Masayuki Ohkado

Photo of Evan Premo playing the bass, the focus is on his hand

Evan Premo

Photo of Dean Radin with a neutral brown background

Dean Radin

Photo of Oliver Robinson in a green meadow

Oliver Robinson

Photo of Rupert Sheldrake looking up

Rupert Sheldrake

Photo of Sobhani Mona with a big smile

Mona Sobhani

Photo of Jim Tucker wearing a suit in front of a neutral background

Jim Tucker

Photo of Marjorie Woollacott in front of a white wall

Marjorie Woollacott

Valerie Reichmann Popowski


Cheyenne Loana Lückemeier

Vasileios Basios

Jeffrey Dunne

Helane Wahbeh